Vigne Museum

di Yona Friedman con Jean Baptiste Dècavele

The Vigne Museum is a project created by the architect Yona Friedman with the artist Jean Baptiste Decavèle in 2014, on the occasion of the centenary of the patriarch of the Italian viticulture Livio Felluga. The work is located among the historic vineyards of Rosazzo in the heart of the eastern hills of Friuli.

The Vigne Museum cultural association was born in 2018 to protect its identity and to carry out interdisciplinary initiatives connected to it.

Performances, conferences, training projects and artistic development — collected mainly in the two cycles of events Future Landscapes at the Vigne Museum and The Contemporary at the Vigne Museum — are just some of the initiatives that drive the busy schedule in which the world of contemporary art and culture, along with that of science, examine issues related to the environment, the ecosystem and the protection of the region for a society that is more aware of and sensitive to the urgent and critical issues connected to the Landscape in all of its complexity and richness.

“To develop the Vigne Musem project at Livio Felluga, a process of exchanges between myself and Yona Friedman, who was in Paris, were set up . We worked without maps, without drawings, simply improvising in situ, on the basis of the multiple variants that existed, the assembly of cubes, squares and dodecahedra made of circles with a diameter of 185 cm.
It is delicate business to intervene in the landscape in order to create an autonomous museum. It is delicate simply because the museum must be an integral part of the landscape and not modify it structurally speaking. It is quite simple to do it, just follow a line already present in the landscape and continue it in the structure which is being constructed, without changing anything about the context in which we are operating. In doing this I found the design for the Vigne Museum. The ensemble which we have built represents for me a design. The peculiarity of a design is that it contains a freedom and a fluidity of traits, and that, above all, it takes into consideration the space in its totality.”

Jean-Baptiste Decavèle




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The Vigne Museum Cultural Association has postponed its on-site activities due to restrictions related to Covid-19. We will see you again soon to share new initiatives and experiences where art, nature and landscape are the main players.