The Vigne Museum Association

The Vigne Museum Cultural Association has grown from foundations of the artistic-architectural project of the same name created by Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle in 2014 on the occasion of the centenary of the wine patriarch Livio Felluga.

An ideal museum dedicated to the landscape, located on the top of a hill in Rosazzo, among the oldest vineyards in the eastern hills of Friuli.

The Associazion plays the role of creator, activator and organiser of a programme of meetings and projects where the world of art and contemporary culture, together with that of science, examine various issues related to the environment, the landscape, the protection of the environment and the construction of a more conscious society.

The Vigne Museum since the beginning of its activity, in collaboration with RAM radioartemobile, has attracted the interest of university institutions, foundations, institutions public and private who shared the aims of safeguarding the environment and the landscape, taking into consideration the different cultural, scientific and artistic aspects.

The fundamental contribution of the artists, through the projects dedicated to the Vigne Museum, contributes to social awareness in the environmental, natural and historical context that this open-air museum represents.

Future Landscapes at the Vigne Museum, is the name of the conferences and annual public meetings involving international guests, a moment of reflection on current issues related to society and environmental issues with particular attention to the relationship between Man and Nature. Art and science meet here to imagine possible future scenarios of growth and social awareness.

The Contemporaneo at the Vigne Museum, contains a series of performance projects housed within the architectural structure that transforms into a very charming natural stage. A summer event under the stars, where artists and performers from various disciplines relate to the essence of the Vigne Museum, offering moments of involvement with a strong emotional impact to the public.

Every year in Rosazzo students and teachers from local, national and international universities gather to conduct workshops, residences and seminars with an interdisciplinary character.

Rosazzo has become a meeting and exchange point for artists, professionals from various cultural and scientific fields, operators in the sector and teachers who come together to update their skills, to network and to take part in peer-to-peer learning activities.