The Vigne Museum it is an artistic-architectural project conceived by the architect Yona Friedman with the collaboration of the artist Jean-Baptiste Decavèle.

In September 2014 the Vigne Museum took shape thanks to partnership with the Livio Felluga Company and the intermediation of RAM radioartemobile to celebrate the centenary of the patriarch of Italian viniculture, Livio Felluga.

The Vigne Museum is an ideal museum dedicated to the vine and to the landscape. One hundred cuttings have been planted inside which will grow freely covering the structure, becoming a natural work of art in continuous evolution.

Each year, a program that develops on multiple levels of action, from artistic research, to training, to deepening through conferences, debates and interdisciplinary meetings is proposed.

The topics covered concern the landscape, the protection of the region and the investigation of the relationship between man and nature leading to a conscious development of our society in our habitat. An opportunity to meet and exchange where scientific knowledge is combined with artistic and cultural skills, addressing not only professionals but also to a large audience.

Since 2018 the Vigne Museum Cultural Association has been the promoter and creator of the Vigne Museum program, in order to both protect and broaden knowledge of the project itself, the sustainable thinking connected to it, and the social architectural vision of Yona Friedman.

The Association enjoys the patronage of The No Man’s Land Foundation of which Yona Friedman was the honorary president. Currently the position is covered by the daughter Marianne Friedman Polonsky.